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    The capacity for 100 Sutton is broken down. Stage E: 150 people max for production shoots. Theater: 72 seats Studio A (Cyc Room): 18 Studio B (Cyc Room / Green screen Room): 18 Studio C: 16 Studio D: 16 Studio C & D (Dual Cyc Room): 36 Overall capacity: 485
    Our deck link here: 100 suttonstudios_jan4_WR.pdf - Google Drive
    We have an elevator to our 2nd floor space. Elevator dimensions are 7’ x 5’ x 11’.
    To book with 100 Sutton, please send us an email at
    We have equipment available for rent at our studio. We can source any additional EQ needs from our partner, Scheimpful. EQ rented outside of the studio is subject to $400 outside eq fee Equipment link here. (SUTTON_EQUIPMENT_JAN 2022-3.pdf - Google Drive) Break down all rented in-house equipment and return it to the staff on site. Please return equipment the same way it was delivered to you.
    There are no decoration, props restrictions, however if you are drilling or hammering there is an additional charge of $500.
    ● Not food or drinks allowed inside the cyc. ● Do not use gaffer tape to mark the floor, use paper tape. ● No paint, confetti, glitter, dry color, oil, liquid or alike materials allowed inside the studio unless previously agreed.
    ● Cycloramas in Studio A, C and D can be painted in any colors for an additional fee of $1200. ● Studios A, B and C are prelit cycloramas. The lights on the grid are pointing to the walls and create an even light for the cyc walls. Please be advised that If you move the lights to a different position and change their location, productions are responsible to leave them the same way they found them. There is A $200 fee if left or removed or moved to other grid locations/positions. ● The 6 LED RGB panels that come on Studios A, B or C can not be removed from the lighting grid unless previously discussed and agreed with the studio manager.
    ● Studio A, B and C are prelit with 6 LED RGB panels each and can be remotely controlled with a tablet provided by the studio. The 6 fixtures are capable of switching between a traditional multi-led panel for hard light and a tunable RGB panel for colorful, creative effects at the push of a button. ●The light has 14 special effects that lend realism to your shoot . 16 million colors, dmx and wireless control, accurate kelvin matching, and r-gel/l-gel.
    In order to avoid further charges , the following break down procedures must be followed immediately after your event: ● All borrowed tables and chairs must be folded and stacked against one wall on each studio. ● Pay attention in such ways to the furniture, chairs and any item inside of the studio and please leave the studio and facilities the same way you found them to avoid additional charges.
    Cleaning fee covers paint and surfaces cleaning. In order to avoid further charges , the following break down procedures must be followed immediately after your event: ● Trash and garbage bags should be taken by productions to the green containers located in front of the bulding. ● The space will be left overall clean, neat and debris free.
    There is a Gourmet kitchen area available for use during your shoot. t. It is a 10′ by 10′ space that includes: A refrigerator, counter space, 2 microwaves, a two compartment sink, trash cans. The kitchen is shared space and can be used by productions with less that 15 people. There are counters and stools for seating in the kitchen area.
    Entity listed as additional insured is- SH- Sutton Street, LLC- 100 Sutton Street 2FL Brooklyn NY 11222.
    Street parking is available but limited near the venue, so we suggest using ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft.
    We have tables and chairs available for rent during your shoot. Each studio comes with 4 folding chairs and 2 folding tables. If you need more, please request them in advance.
    The loft is well equipped with air conditioning and heating, as needed.
    You can schedule unlimited site visits before your event at no extra charge.
    The building is wheelchair accessible; it has an elevator and accessible bathrooms.
    We have a strict no smoking or vaping policy. There is no drug use allowed on our premises.
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